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This team-focused workshop immerses participants in entrepreneurship through an authentic, business 'start-up' experience.

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Small businesses not only drive the economy and job growth, they also provide a pathway for business owners--particularly minorities, immigrants and the economically disadvantaged--to join America's middle class. Business equity is second only to homeownership as a source of net worth. For that reason, advancing proven know how and techniques that support new business formation for low-and moderate-income entrepreneurs is a critical component of helping individuals create their own future. Indeed, starting a business allows individuals to create their own new jobs. It is our belief that the capabilities of entrepreneurship will be critical to every individual's future career, whether he or she chooses to create a new venture or become an employee. is a consulting organization owned and operated by Massrecommerce LLC.  Massrecommerce LLC, is a registered Commonwealth of Massachusetts organization specializing in recommerce, we offer a low cost comprehensive training workshop/one-on-one consultation for those who want to step out and take charge of their economic destiny with a micro business.

Our workshop is a  2 day - hands on training on the growing trend of Recommerce in the economy. Learn how to recycle any product and produce an income that can scale into a sizable business.

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If you are unemployed you may have availability to grant funding to assist you in training to return to work. If you live in New Hampshire they have an special grant for those starting their own businesses. We can help you navigate the process.

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Why Now?

With the economy still far from recovered, it seems like a less-than-ideal time to start a new business. Yet right now is actually the perfect opportunity to dream big, follow your passion and create your own path to success. Besides with the election behind us we will start to see positive changes benefiting the small business community in 2018 and beyond.

The old school paradigm of success, where you grab hold of a bottom rung on the career ladder and start climbing, just doesn’t apply anymore. This last economic downturn resulted in millions of Americans falling off their career ladders and into the unemployment line and into the underground economy.

Instead of waiting around for a company to see your value, it’s time to strike out on your own. Millions of Americans already are. In fact, 543,000 new businesses are created every month. These small businesses have added nearly 40 million jobs to the U.S. economy in the last 30 years.

Plus, new groups of people are jumping into the startup space all the time. While nearly 30 percent of entrepreneurs are under 35 (the Millennium Generation, the number of older workers (Baby Boomers) turning to entrepreneurial endeavors has jumped nearly 10 percent between 1996 and 2016.

No matter what your background, now is the perfect time to become an entrepreneur? Let’s look at some reasons why:

It’s Easier to Find Business Education and Mentors

Thanks to the Internet, taking your good idea and adding some business savvy has never been easier. First there is a veritable library of books you can purchase to give you some insight on how to start up your business.

Eventually, you’ll need to get your nose out of a book and start learning by doing. No worries, because a sense of community has become essential to entrepreneurship. Startup communities abound with great advice, networking opportunities, and mentorship.

Every major city (and even some local neighborhoods) have at least some form of startup community where you can go to learn from others and build your circle. These communities can be found on sites like Meetup and through social media.

If you don’t have time to show up at a networking event, or geography is in the way, social media has lowered communication barriers. Now blogs, crowdsourcing and social media tools are helping startup founders and entrepreneurs to connect, share advice and lend a helping hand. Thanks to knowledge sharing and new technology, the answer to your entrepreneurial question is probably only a click away.

Technology Makes Starting a Business More Affordable

New technology, particularly cloud-based technology, has considerably brought down the cost of establishing and running a new business venture. Now you don’t have to pay for office space or data storage, you can work remotely and store your information in the cloud.

There are millions of apps, sites, and services out there with low entry fees (some are even free!) that will help you build and run your business. New technology has dramatically brought down the traditional costs associated with starting up and running a business, lowering the barrier of entrepreneurship to those with small capital but big dreams.

There Are More Ways to Find Funding

Securing capital can be a nightmare of VC funds, angel investors and endless networking events. Who needs all that? Well, now is the perfect time to jump into the entrepreneurship game because there have never been more paths to funding.

Sure, there’s the traditional VC funds and angel investors, but now you can also fundraise straight from your customer base. Crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo make it simple to raise large amounts of money, especially if you have a built-in audience.

Or you can cut out investors entirely and use for your financing needs. And don’t forget the U.S. Small Business Administration, which offers loans and grants to help startups and small businesses succeed.

Positivity Is Needed

With the tough economy and so many people suddenly out of work, we need positive thinking and people willing to dream big. Now is the exact right time to become an entrepreneur because now is when we need entrepreneurs the most.

These people will become the future backbone of our economy and create jobs for the millions of unemployed Americans. But most importantly, entrepreneurs will give us hope that with passion, vision and hard work we can still achieve great things.

When times are tough, positive thinking is needed more than ever. The very act of becoming an entrepreneur means you can envision a brighter future, which can motivate others to see that future as well.