At this 2 day workshop/class, we cover how to create an online store/operation that sells any type of product; more importantly, we will show you how to do it with "recycled good" making even higher margins in your own new/used products based online business. 

We will illustrate this with our own business model. This class is given at our facility in Manchaug Mill Complex in Sutton, Massachusetts. You will get an upfront perspective of what is possible by touring our facility.

You can use our proven techniques to make more money from home, create a second source of income, and even build a scalable & profitable online buiness! Great supplemental retirement income. Easy to do and set up at home! With us you have continued telephonic support after our workshop.

Here is just a sample of what we cover in this 2 day interactive class:

Why is eCommerce all about? Why is everyone taking about it?

Why launching an onlin business is so vital to your success now more than ever (especially in today's crowded and competitive marketplace)

  • Can I really work for yourself and make $$ ?
  • What products you can possibly sell online and profit from ?
  • Discover a product based business that constantly regenerates itself.
  • How to set up a perpetual sourcing network so that you never run out of product.
  • How do you make people buy your product? How can you be competitive?
  • Where and how should you advertise your online store?
  • How to keep customers coming back to your online store and buy again?
  • What about Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Alibris?
  • Should you sell on those platforms? or setup your own branded website?
  • Advantages and pitfalls of using  pre-existing  marketplace portals.
  • Tour our online operation- 4,000 square feet footprint of what you can build.
  • Learn the 5s process to building a sustainable cash flow with recycled goods.

We are in the New/Used/Collectible Music Business - We show you how to partner with us if you would like avoiding any risk and can get started part-time guided by our success formula.

Day 1 Outline

  • How to conduct a feasibility study-finding your product or next big idea
  • Generating Ideas/brainstorming-with examples and interactive discussion.
  • Analysis of the environment/marketplaces
  • Strategy-using products A to Z.
  • Route to market-understanding the supply chain.
  • Managing your business/workflow.
  • How to scale your business?
  • Managing growth/time management.
  • Networking your business

Day 2 Outline

  • Review of day 1
  • Case Studies- Arts and Crafts, Recycled goods, Media/Vinyl, Musical equipment, Events - Site visitation to operating environments in the mill complex
  • Setting up accounts, websites, managing metrics, security.
  • Critique of products, ideas brought forward.
  • What you need to know about databases.
  • Sourcing/marketing
  • Sorting
  • Shining- how to refurbish goods
  • Storing/warehousing
  • Shipping - evaluating carriers and software packages
  • Project Management/Lean processing.

We Make Learning eCommerce- Fun and Easy!  

Our workshops are held on weekends- Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm- We provide lunch and refreshments on premises.

Space is limited to 10 individuals.


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