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Our critical business skills program delivers on the expertise and wisdom of our instructors to cultivate the appropriate business mindset, along with a rich mix of basic customer service, sales and sourcing, project management fundamentals, lean processing, and supply chain skillsets. Collectively these skills enable those who want to take advantage of the burgeoning E-commerce market without making a huge investment. We teach you how to develop and adapt your business plan, create a website, and start you on the path of self-employment and income generation.

This workshop is designed to provide participants with a holistic view of the ecommerce ecosystem. Suitable for individuals wanting to launch their own ecommerce store, those in the early stages of development or even those working in the industry and wanting to get a better understanding of all aspects of the process.

Conversely, with the focus and relevancy of the critical business skills in the employment marketplace, this training program also offers a parallel path for those who discover early on that they do not want to assume risk, and would rather work within an established framework. We help you in accomplishing a back to work job strategy using the skills learned in this course.  We can assist you to navigate the federally funded grant programs at your local career center.

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  • Overview of the ecommerce landscape and current trends.
  • Evaluating your development options, using off the shelf products vs. creating your own store from scratch.
  • Sourcing and managing inventory-consignment, drop ship- FBA
  • Review of marketing channels to acquire customers and drive sales
  • Strategies for providing great customer service.
  • Developing your financial model.
  • Strategizing your product mix.