As Career and business coaches, we work with people in career transition and those looking for additional revenue streams to determine if business ownership would be a good fit and if so, how to leverage transferable skills. We are experienced career coaches, helping those in transition land their next role. With many years of experience in the training field we are qualified in helping to develop a business case for securing grant funding for training within the network of Career Centers in your state. We cover WIOA , Trade and vocational rehab grant opportunities.  We can show you career alternatives you may not have considered before.

  • Franchise / Business Ownership Coaching
  • Educating individuals in the a variety of business ownership opportunities
  • Coaching through personal evaluation of goals and dream attainment
  • Guiding  through career transitions, resume redo's and introductions to training options.

One-On-One- Startup Consulting

Don't need training or startup help? 

Partner with a established business....

Wanted - Mediapickers- Make extra $$ 

Start small and grow big with us.

Ideally you are someone who has dabbled on Amazon or EBay selling media, books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, Records or a flea marketer who wants to cosign/partner with a fully staffed and equipped media fulfillment operation in the Worcester area. We sell good quality new and recycled media across multiple channels at the most competitive prices shipping worldwide.

If you fit the profile, you started with your own media accumulations and then found more. Maybe you are a seasonal flea market dealer who would like to put your inventory online earning a return rather than letting your inventory be inactive through the Winter. You may already have sources for CDs, DVDs, Books, records and more. If so, you're a media picker! We are looking to partner with you. We will provide you the coaching and training to maximize your potential. We have 25 years plus experience.

We do the cataloging, customer service, managing marketplace rules, packaging and shipping, and accounting then share the profits. You are able to spend time sourcing inventory to make more money. We put the fun back into the hunt! We have a large scale software/warehousing system to get product out to Amazon, EBay, Alibris, Half, Abe Books, Play, Half Price books, Barnes and Noble and more all on one entry. This computes to quick turnover for the right product. Our system is configured to handle dynamic pricing routines to obtain the best competitive market price that works 365/24/7. We manage the physical inventory, maximize the potential and do a profit share on the product sales at the end of each month.

If this sounds of interest to you please send an email to this post introducing yourself and a phone number and best time to call to discuss our opportunity.

Likewise if you have sources of Musical equipment (A to Z) check out and become an affiliate.

Career Consultation

We consult one-on-one with individuals and small businesses who want to get up and running in the E-Commerce space. If you have questions about the industry, selling online landscape, We can cut through the confusion, provide concrete next steps, and offer trusted resources. We can save you a lot of time and expense by starting with little or no cost and help you avoid costly errors in your start-up phase. Please call us directly on 508-277-6492 to set up an appointment.  

Pathway  to

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We cover the above services in our 2 hour information session.